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The 4200 In-Circuit series is a range of advanced manufacturing In-Circuit test systems offering a variety of Analog and Digital high speed test methods to maximise throughput and test coverage. In-Circuit test programs and fixtures can quickly be generated using the Computer Assisted Program Generator (CAPG) software tool. The high-level MTL Test Language includes a suite of graphical In-Circuit debugging tools, to minimise the time taken to get the system into production.

  • Single box solution: Contains all power supplies and controller
  • Full Analog and Digital In-Circuit
  • Up to 2048 Universal Test Channels
  • Choice of Multiplexed or Pure Pin Hardware
  • Analog Functional Card Option
  • Boundary Scan and Device Programming
  • Seamless Mixed Signal Mode
  • Fast Test Speed
  • High Coverage
  • Vector-Less Test
  • Capacitor Polarity Testing
  • GPIB and CAN Bus Options
  • Built-In Calibration & Self Test
  • Computer Assisted Program Generator
  • High Level MTL Test Language
  • Microsoft Windows™ Operating System

Model Types

4230 - 19" Rack Mounted

4250 - Floor Standing



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