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Assuring product audio and video end-user experience

Reducing manually-driven test times

Addressing cost of human viewers and complex subjective setups

Remove associated test inconsistencies due to operator fatigue

Improve product quality through objective and consistent audio/video test metrics that reduce test time, subjective human error, and operational monitoring cost throughout the entire product life-cycle 

Automated and Objective A/V Testing 

The Aeroflex 9200 Audio/Video Test Set is a device for objective metric analysis of audio and video quality. The 9200 detects presence of artifacts such as video pixelation and macroblocking as well as audio drop-outs, noise, and harmonic distortions. Quality analysis is performed by comparing test video samples with a referenced video source (a.k.a. golden video). Test cases can be quickly configured and provide repeatability for performance validation. All audio and video measurements can be recorded and analyzed using the 9200's included test and automation software.

9200 Key Product Features

  • Objective video fidelity assessment using recognized quality metrics
  • Soundtrack and tonal audio objective analysis
  • Provides reference-based (golden) analysis and golden video creator
  • Provides client API for automation plus storage and playback features
  • Includes interfaces ranging from analog to digital
  • 4U rack-mountable unit with dimensions: 19” x 7” x 20.75” (48.3 cm x 17.8 cm x 52.7 cm)
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