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Today's consumers expect a more interactive and integrated experience in their vehicles. Automakers are responding to this trend by offering advanced in-vehicle telematics, telecommunications, and infotainment systems. Most of these systems now offer interconnectivity with external devices and include multiple technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, voice recognition to name a few. As the complexity of these devices has increased, so have the testing challenges.

Aeroflex Systems Group provides complete telematics test systems, from audio/video to RF, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, WiMAX, 3G, LTE and more. By utilizing our award winning systems framework and best in class Aeroflex hardware, our automated telematics test systems enable auto manufacturers to test even the most complex telematics systems.

“Aeroflex worked closely with Ford's design team to customize MMTS™ tests tailored specifically for Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, USB, and audio and video features found in SYNC. A key feature of MMTS™ is its scalable architecture, which enabled users to easily create or add existing tests. These customized tests and the ability of MMTS™ to test up to eight devices simultaneously were essential to Ford's aggressive 2010 plans.” – EE Herald, 2/9/10"


  • Built atop the award winning MMTS™ platform for audio/video test
  • Customized for automotive telematics/infotainment head units
  • Ready to run tests designed for telematics including Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, and LTE
  • Designed to run in multiple test environments including design, PPAP, and production
  • Offers communication wizards such as ECU/MCU and cellular
  • Easily upgradeable for firmware changes and technology advancements
  • Custom designed switching hardware


  • Enables rapid deployment of test solutions (Ideal for PPAP)
  • Detects functional errors on head units
  • Automates the testing of modern head unit technologies
  • Removes human error and judgment from measurements
  • Protects investment by keeping pace with rapidly changing technology
  • Provides reliable and repeatable measurements
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