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The industry leading platform
for crypto security testing.
Introducing esDynamic:
Mastering cryptography is key to making sure your connected
products and services are secure. Every algorithm can be
probed and hacked by side-channel attacks. The choices you
make are directly linked to the quality of the tests and analysis
you conduct. We built esDynamic to solve exactly this challenge.
Do the right tests and get the analysis you need to make the
right choices and decisions.

  Identify, manage and solve
security challenges in mobile
and connected devices.
Why experts choose esDynamic:
The worlds most important companies use our industry leading
platform and tools to make sure their mobile and connected
products and services are appropriately secure. We help them
de-risk their businesses and prepare for successful futures.

 Our approach:

The platform has been specifically designed for your own
talented experts to work in day-to-day, using tools and modules
to complete tests and analyses as well as profiting from built in a 
knowledge share, ease of use, collaboration tools and bespoke
online learning modules.
The platform also delivers internal efficiencies and de-risks
people movement. Every analyses are recorded, enabling a
review of steps during a test, enabling multiple team members to
follow and learn methods and techniques. Hard learnt expertise,
stays on the system even if the people leave. esDynamic, the
cyber security tool built by experts for experts.
At its core, esDynamic is a web application platform. Access
the core platform and add from a wide selection of tools and
modules that match your needs.
esDynamic Analyst Development Kit (ADK) platform:
The platform is built on best-in-breed technology
classically used in Artificial Intelligence.
Python is the core language offering an easy and flexible
way to code your functions.
Leverages Jupyterlab as collaboration framework, with
notebooks complementing complex attack scripts.
Build your own target, apply your specific processing
requirements and connect your own equipment into the
We selected industry leading data trace format and
optimised it to enhance its performance, delivering a userfriendly trace visualizer.
If you have your own data format, it can be supported
by the platform.
Install as stand-alone or hub server configuration as per
your needs.
Key features:
Share, replay
notebooks on one
unique workspace
Better manage
your data
Evidence can
be replayed and
corporate knowhow is preserved
made efficient
Highly performant
and parallel
Get the
Complex attacks
on algorithms,
such as ECDSA,
SM.x ready to use
Grow your
Create your
own notebooks
and build your
proprietary library

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