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 What is TeraVM?

Key Facts
TeraVM is 100% virtual
- Same test tool used to test physical solutions and/or virtual
- Supports all major hypervisors - ESXi, KVM
- Supports all major cloud platforms - OpenStack, AWS,
MS-Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle OCI, Containerization
- Supports 1 GbE, 10 GbE, 40 and 100 GbE NICs
Automation and Orchestration
- REST, CLI, Perl, TCL, XML, Java API, Python, Jython
- Cisco LaasNG, Cisco pyATS, Qualisystems (CloudShell)
L2-7 Stateful Traffic Application Emulation
- Voice: CUCM, CUBE, VoIP, WebEx, VoLTE, SIP & RTP, MOS
- Video: CMTS, CDN, Multicast, AMT, ABR, IPTV, VoD, OTT
streaming, Video conferencing, WebEx, TelePresence, HTTP
- Data: TCP/UDP, Teraflow, Ookla speed test, HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP/
POP3, FTP, P2P, DNS, Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC)
Secure Access Firewall/VPN (ASA Firewall, FirePOWER)
- Secure TCP/UDP Protocols (SSL, TLS, DTLS, IPSec IKE)
- Client and Clientless VPNs (Cisco AnyConnect SSL and IPsec)
- 802.1x EAP-MD5, EAP & PEAP with MS CHAPv2 Authentication
- Mobile Secure Gateway validation (S1-U over IPSec)
Cybersecurity Threat and Malware Penetration
- 40,000+ attacks (Spam, Viruses, DDoS, Malware), updated
- DDoS attack applications:
‚ Flood: SYN, Reflective SYN, Reset, UDP, Ping, ARP
‚ Attacks: Teardrop; UDP Fragmentation; Configurable
Rates, Start and Stop
‚ Spoof Mac addressing
- Mixed application flows: Good, the Bad and your Own
Wireless RAN and Core Emulation
- RAN: 5G-NR, 4G-LTE, 3G, 2G - 1,000s of RANs
- CORE: 5G (NSA & SA), 4G-LTE 3G, 2G, Mobility, SecGW, MEC,
Network Slicing – Millions of UEs and Bearers
- CIoT: IPDD over NAS, NIDD over SCEF at Scale
- WiFi ePDG offload (EoGRE)
Wireless Core Interface Testing
- Support testing across multiple key Core interfaces
- Error Injection over 5G-N2 (AMF)
- Error Injection over 4G-S1 (MME)
Why TeraVM?
- Flow based tool with realism:
- Provides per-flow statistics in real time
- Statefully emulates and measures individual endpoint
and application performance for data, voice, video and security
- Easily pinpoint and isolate problem flows and bottlenecks
- Adaptive engine:
- Dynamically and Automatically find the maximum capacity of
Devices Under Test
- Same test profile can be used for multiple platforms
- Faster setup, faster testing, faster results = more testing = better
- Centralized License Server/Elastic Test Bed:
- Scale with realism and grow on demand with license sharing
across geographical locations
- Flexibility to run anywhere... lab, datacenter and the cloud, with
consistent performance coverage
- Sharing test resources and methodologies delivering the most
cost-effective solution
- Shareable Cybersecurity threat database, maximizing resource
utilization and total cost of ownership
- Auto License Check-In on test completion
- System utilization reports (Location, User, Testbed, Licenses in
use, Usage stats)
- Wireless Mobility (5G, 4G, 3G, 2G) validation with realism:
- Emulate a city worth of stateful UE and subscriber network
- Highly scalable user and control plane traffic. Scale beyond
100 Gbps of traffic
TeraVM is a software based L2-7 test tool running on x86 based servers, in
the Cloud (Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle OCI, Openstack) and as a
container, delivering a fully virtualized application emulation and security
validation solution to test and secure devices, networks and their services.
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