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Son Hai Science Equipment Company was founded in March, 2003. 


The register office: Townhouse 14, Number 4, Van Khe New Urban Area, Le Van Luong road, Ha Dong Dist. Hanoi, Vietnam. 


Our Business is as bellows: 


-                          Business and service in electricity, electronics and informatics

-                          Business and installation telecommunications equipment 

-                          Business RF Signal monitoring equipment 

-                          Installation and maintenance of  surge protection equipment., Mechanical-Physical-Chemical testing equipment 

-                          Service and maintenance of products, which will be supplied by Company 

-                          Business, installation, maintenance, warrantee protecting, saving, medical, environmental,  automatically, education equipment. 

-                          Transfer science technology in biologic technology and heath, environment and vocational training. 

-                          Business mechanical equipment and mechanical testing equipment 

-                          Business biological equipment 

-                          Business and installation optical and laser equipment. 

-                          Service and repair telecommunications, electricity and testing equipment  

-                          Transfer technology in electricity, electronics telecommunications and informatics


Director Board will manage of the following departments:  


-                          Testing equipment Department 

-                          Electrical and electronics department 

-                          Mechanical equipment department 

-                          Vocational trading and educational equipment department 

-                          Automatically and control equipment Department 

-                          Account  department 

-                          Import/export department 

-                          Technical support/service department  

-                          Service and Installation team.



1.    VIAVI - Aeroflex - Test solutions (Expecting)  

2.    Bruel & Kjear (Sound and Vibration test equipment)

3.    Telewave

4.      eShard

5.      DTC



1.    Motorola 

2.    GSI Instruments 

3.    Promax (Spain) 

4.    NIKKE (Texio) Japan 

5.    YOKOGAWA - Test Equipment (Japan) 

6.    Photom (Japan)  


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