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NETNode IP Mesh Radio Phase 5 (Plain)

Phase 5 is the latest generation of DTC's NETNode IP Mesh Radio family offering built-in dual HD video encoders and MIMO capability for our highest ever data capacities.

  NETNode IP radios can be combined in a fluid self-forming,
self-heading Mesh network containing up to 16 nodes. The
radios exchange bidirectional IP data in a single RF channel,
simplifying frequency management. The entire Mesh can
operate in a bandwidth between 1.25 and 10MHz and employs
DTC's unique COFDM modulation scheme offering excellent
RF penetration and performance in the presence of multipath.
Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology transmits
two signals in the same channel almost doubling the
available data capacity.
The Plain variant is ideal for rack mounting or vehicle
deployment and offers standard connectors for ease of
integration and connectivity.




Features and Benefits:

Self-forming, self-healing mesh architecture

Ideal for use for wide area coverage & multi-hop, mobile
applications such as robotics
Low latency IP communication
Dual HD video encoders
Data capacity of 32Mb/s of IP data possible
Mission Commander compatible
Software configurable RF bandwidth between 1.25MHz
and 10MHz
IP backhaul/central receive systems
Interlink mode for enhanced capability and large scale
64Gb of on-board storage with store & forward
Built in encryption (DES as standard, AES128/256
available subject to Export Control)

Rack mountable (with accessories)


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