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Brochure Viavi Land Mobile Radio Test Systems

3920B Series Radio Test Platform  


The 3920B is the most advanced radio test solution
from VIAVI for engineering, production and field service
applications. It features a low phase noise RF signal
generator for performing receiver testing required on
critical communication radios. The instrument supplies
a comprehensive range of general-purpose analog
measurement facilities as well as advanced digital test
options. The 3920B has the largest library of OEMApproved Auto-Test Applications on the market: this
feature allows you to automatically test and align
a radio in as little as 5 minutes. VIAVI works directly
with radio manufacturers to ensure that the Auto-Test
Applications precisely follow the manufacturer’s test
and alignment procedures.
3920B Series Radio Test Platform
Features and Benefits
Up to 2.7 GHz frequency range
High performance AM / FM / SSB analog
duplex test capabilities
Sensitive receiver with built-in pre-amp for
off air measurements
 -140 dBm (typical) DANL spectrum
analyzer with eight markers
Dual-Channel oscilloscope to 4 MHz
Full audio analysis for AF level, frequency,
SINAD, and distortion measurements
Three high accuracy audio modulators /
function generators
Three high accuracy audio baseband
Tone encode and decode functionality
including DTMF, DCS, tone remote, 2-tone
sequential, and 5/6-tone
RF signal generator phase noise
specification of -110 dBc / Hz at 10 kHz
Includes optional test capabilities, digital
personalities, and supports a number of the
most popular radios in the industry with
our Auto-Test and Alignment capability
Saved setups make radio testing quick and
Features easy-to-read meters with Pass /
Fail color coding for instant Go / No-Go

P25, P25 Phase 2, DMR (MOTOTRBO™),


8800SX Digital Radio Test Set  

The 8800SX supports all modern land mobile radio
technologies. This hybrid portable test instrument is
ideal for both bench and field use with its internal
swappable battery that has up to 3 hours of battery life.
The 8800SX provides fast VSWR and return loss plots
for field analysis of antennas, duplexers, and combiners.
These accurate distance to fault measurements are
useful for locating problems in cables used in vehicles
and at infrastructure sites. These features, along with
advanced automated test and alignment, make the
8800SX the most versatile portable radio test set on the
market today. 

Features and Benefits
Industry’s largest color touchscreen display
simplifies operation and provides a flexible
user interface
Power accuracy in the 8800SX rivals
industry standard test equipment
Advanced automated test and alignment
functionality for most of the radios in the
Multi-language support includes
Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish,
Portuguese, Malay / Indonesian, Korean,
Arabic, Polish, Russian, Japanese, German,
French, and Italian
Indoor signal coverage testing using TRX
Systems NEON® Signal Mapper Application
Infrastructure testing with Wideband RF
Power Sensor
P25, P25 Phase 2, DMR (MOTOTRBO),
NXDN, TETRA, dPMR, and Positive Train

 3550R Radio Test System

The 3550R is a truly handheld touchscreen radio test
system. The 3550R takes testing to the next level with
its easy to use, integrated test system for complete
radio receiver and transmitter performance testing,
cable fault, and antenna system analysis. With its ultraresponsive resistive touchscreen, the 3550R will meet
the needs of users that require the test set to operate
under all conditions, whether on the bench or in the
field. Perfect for cold or wet weather applications, the
3550R also features a wider operating range of -20�C
to +55�C and MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 specification for
toughness in extreme conditions.
3550R Radio Test System
Features and Benefits
Customizable user interface allows you to
define your own test screens and save for
future use
Internal battery provides 4.5 hours of true
portability on one charge
Super light magnesium alloy - 8.3 lbs /
3.75 kg weight, almost half the weight of
competitive units
0˚ to 50˚C operating range
0.15 ppm timebase with exclusive “FreqFlex” external frequency reference
Fast VSWR and return loss plots for field
analysis of antennas, duplexers and
Accurate distance to fault measurements
for locating issues in cables
Multi-language support includes Arabic,
Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Malay
/ Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean,
Japanese, German, French, Polish, and
Indoor signal coverage testing using TRX
Systems NEON Signal Mapper Application
Infrastructure testing with optional
Wideband RF Power Sensor
dPMR, and Positive Train Contro


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