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NETNode IP Mesh Radio Phase 5 (Robust)


NETNode IP Radios can be combined in a fluid self-forming, self-healing mesh containing up to sixteen radios. The NETNode radios within the mesh exchange data on a single frequency, simplifying frequency management. The entire mesh occupies just 2.5MHz...

NETNode IP Mesh Radio Phase 5 (Plain)


Phase 5 is the latest generation of DTC's NETNode IP Mesh Radio family offering built-in dual HD video encoders and MIMO capability for our highest ever data capacities.

6113 Digital Radio Test Set


Aeroflex's 6113 Digital Radio Test Set provides a wide range of test and measurement functions to enable fast manual or automatic testing of GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs). Applications include installation and...

9101 Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzer


Aeroflex's 9101 Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzer is a low cost, full-featured spectrum analyzer. With a frequency range up to 4 GHz, the 9101 can test all modern wireless local oscillators, plus the harmonics and spurs that can mix and break through into...

2945B Communications Service Monitor


The 2945B Communications Service Monitor is the lightest, most rugged service monitor available with a full performance spectrum analyzer as standard. For field work the 2945B provides an excellent combination of instruments for all types of maintenance...

BroadBand Signal Analyzers (BSA)


The CS9000 and low-cost BSAs monitor, record, and analyze RF signals and signal environments. The RF signal is down converted to baseband and digitized into very deep RAM of up to 32 GB. The data in RAM can be stored to disk or RAID for later analysis...

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