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The 5800 series is a multi-configuration multi-functional test system that is designed to meet the ever changing needs of today's electronic manufacturing environment. An open approach to both hardware and software has been adopted. The open software architecture enables integration with code written using third party software such as Teststand™, Labview™, C#™ and VB.NET™, in short any platform that is .NET compliant.

The 4200 In-Circuit series is a range of advanced manufacturing In-Circuit test systems offering a variety of Analog and Digital high speed test methods to maximise throughput and test coverage. In-Circuit test programs and fixtures can quickly be generated using the Computer Assisted Program Generator (CAPG) software tool. The high-level MTL Test Language includes a suite of graphical In-Circuit debugging tools, to minimise the time taken to get the system into production.

The 5220 is a compact Analog In-Circuit Test System that provides a high level of performance and measurement accuracy. It is equally suitable for use in low-cost bench top applications or high volume automated production lines, where its high test speed assists in maximizing production output.

Assuring product audio and video end-user experience

Reducing manually-driven test times

Addressing cost of human viewers and complex subjective setups

Remove associated test inconsistencies due to operator fatigue

Today's consumers expect a more interactive and integrated experience in their vehicles. Automakers are responding to this trend by offering advanced in-vehicle telematics, telecommunications, and infotainment systems. Most of these systems now offer interconnectivity with external devices and include multiple technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, voice recognition to name a few. As the complexity of these devices has increased, so have the testing challenges.

Innovative avionics test solutions used to design, manufacture, test and maintain commercial, private and military airborne electronic systems.

 The APM-424 Test Set easily accommodates a variety of aircraft and ground/shipboard platforms to test transponder and interrogator performance including Mode S Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance and Mode 5. The test set supports both DoD AIMS 04-900A Option A (KIV-78) and Option B (KIV-77) crypto appliqués.

The test set is ruggedized and has passed all military requirements for safety and environmental conditions.

The ATC-1400A is a microprocessor-based test set designed to accomplish complete testing of modern ATC Transponder and DME equipment.

The IFF-45TS is an RF signal simulator that provides support for AIMS Mark XIIA transponders and interrogators. It operates under remote control from a computer or ATE system and provides versatile signal generation and measurement capability of Mark XIIA system signals in bench and over-the-air applications.

The IFF-701Ti is an organizational level / 1st Line, portable battery operated test set for testing IFF transponders / interrogators installed in airborne, naval or land based platforms. The IFF-701Ti may also be used at an intermediate level / 2nd Line.

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