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The 5800 series is a multi-configuration multi-functional test system that is designed to meet the ever changing needs of today's electronic manufacturing environment. An open approach to both hardware and software has been adopted. The open software architecture enables integration with code written using third party software such as Teststand™, Labview™, C#™ and VB.NET™, in short any platform that is .NET compliant.

The 3030 Series of PXI RF Digitizers used with a 3010 Series synthesizer module provide precision conversion of RF signals into digital IF or I and Q data. When used with PXI Studio application software, the 3030 Series RF Digitizer family provides class leading vector signal analysis of RF signals with functionality and performance ideally matched to the needs of RF test systems for manufacturing and design verification.

The 3060 Series RF combiners are PXI modules designed specifically for RF component and radio terminal system test. They are high-performance RF conditioning modules supplied in a compact single-slot 3U PXI package. The Series is comprised of four different modules each addressing a particular application, these are the 3060, 3061, 3065 and 3065A.

A suite of measurement functions to analyze a wide range of modulation schemes including FM, PSK and QAM. This measurement suite enables testing of wireless technologies such as those found in FM radio, ZigBee® (802.15.4), TETRA, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMSs), satellite communications, and commercial broadcast systems among others

PXI Studio is a Windows® software application for use with the Aeroflex 3000 series of PXI modular RF instruments. This highly flexible application allows you to simultaneously generate and analyze complex modulated RF signals. Measurement tools enable difficult problems to be tracked down quickly and help simplify design verification or test system development.

The cdma2000 and 1xEV-DO reverse link measurement suite enables high speed precision alignment and characterization of cdma2000 rev C as well as 1xEV-DO rev. A and rev. B reverse link transmissions. The measurement suite comprises an easy to use GUI for manual operation and two measurement libraries with APIs (applications programming interfaces) for use in various ADEs (application development environments) such as LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic, and Visual C/ C++.

The Bluetooth® measurement suite enables fast measurement of key signal characteristics of Bluetooth BR, EDR and LE transceivers such as burst power, modulation accuracy, initial and maximum frequency error and origin offset and Receiver sensitivity (BER).

A complete suite of measurement functions for high speed precision alignment and RF parametric analysis of GSM and EDGE mobile transceivers in conjunction with any 3030 series PXI RF Digitizer module.





is a fully functional application that complements the comprehensive product offering from Aeroflex to facilitate testing of the most common standards in communication. Apart from the ability to generate standard waveforms, it is possible to load user generated files in binary or ASCII format to be converted and packaged into a form that can be downloaded into the modules for playback.

The LTE TDD & FDD measurement suites provide a library of measurement functions designed to characterize LTE TDD & FDD signals respectively in accordance with the requirements of ETSI TS 36.521-1 (3GPP release 8.4.0).

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