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Modular industry standard PXI and AXIe technology gives users control over their test system configurations and upgrade paths. The PXI and AXIe platforms provide a mature, stable foundation that will support the wide range of configurations and long term roadmaps required by the semiconductor industry.

  • AXIe and PXI standard card formats
  • Air cooled test heads
  • RF and analog instruments
    • PXI configured
    • COAX connection to DUT site

DD48 Dynamic Digital Subsystem Board

  • 48 channels per card
  • 100 MHz base vector rate
  • 400Mbps max, 800Mbps max (mux'ed)
  • 40 pS timing resolution
  • Period, timing and format on-the-fly
  • -2 V to +6.0 V output range with +12 V high voltage driver
  • 16/32/64 M vectors pattern memory
  • 64 M per channel capture and send memory

Aeroflex's AX-Series SW environment is an integrated test development, characterization, and production environment. Our SW suite leverages mature and proven software baselines to create an extremely competent and flexible programming environment and production test executive.

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