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Designed to meet the needs of modern digital radio technologies up to 5.4 GHz.

  • I and Q modulation to 10 MHz (1 dB bw.)
  • External digital data input
  • Internal PRBS data source
  • Excellent accuracy and stability

The 3020 Series are compact 3U high precision PXI modular RF signal generators with an integrated dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator. Their functionality and performance are ideally matched to the needs of RF test systems for design verification and manufacturing up to 6 GHz.

The 3410 is an agile RF signal generator that combines wide frequency cover and high performance vector modulation in a small package, making it ideal for testing wireless communication systems and components.

The Aeroflex Broadband Signal and Environment Generator (BSG) family provides wide bandwidth and deep memory RF signals. The Broadband Signal Generator combines a deep memory, high-speed arbitrary waveform generator, and a broadband RF up converter with powerful signal generation software.

SGD - Fast, Low Noise, Digital Signal Generator

  • Frequency coverage 100 kHz to 6 GHz
  • +13 dBm output (+20 dBm option)
  • IQ modulator with 300 MHz RF bandwidth
  • Up to 250 MS/s dual channel arbitrary waveform generator with memory options up to 4 GBytes (1G Sample)
  • 3GPP ACLR of -71 dB
  • Embedded IQCreator® waveform generation tool

Renowned around the world for its combination of flexibility, reliability and performance, the 2023A Series signal generator continues to offer fantastic value and excels in the following areas:

  • Phase noise performance
  • Class leading VSWR
  • Highest power option +25dBm
  • Unique SINAD measurement option for simplified receiver testing
  • Unique DC power input option for use in vehicle or external supply in the field

Up to three fully functional signal generators in one unit offering a unique solution for complex tests on receivers, components and systems.

  • Two or three high-quality RF signal generators in a space efficient format
  • Ideal for intermodulation and receiver characterization
  • Wide frequency coverage:
    -- 10 kHz to 2.51 GHz

The 2026Q is designed to work with a CDMA radio test set to provide a fully integrated radio receiver test solution for CDMA and PCS systems in accordance with IS-97-A/98-A.

A high-performance signal generator with programmable modulation sources and LF output, wide modulation bandwidths, sweep capability and excellent accuracy.

Excellent noise characteristics and low spurious signals for a wide range of critical measurements.

  • Wide band cover:
    10 kHz to 5.4 GHz
  • Low residual FM noise: 0.3 Hz RMS at 1 GHz
  • Low spurious signals: -90 dBc non-harmonics
  • Low phase noise: -140 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz
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