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 The operation took days to set up, equipment deployed, the capture conditions were met, and the recording hardware triggered - now the analyst’s review the data only to discover that the event everyone wanted to capture happened 3 seconds after the recording hardware hit its memory limit and stopped.

Never let this scenario happen again!

 The VIAVI Solutions Ranger line of products provide live analysis or offline forensic RF post-processing in a compact all-in-one solution, featuring massive recording memory depth with contiguous and sequential recording and playback modes. Moreover, Signal WorkShop™ RF laboratory environment assists users in finding and diagnosing the toughest RF issues through its simultaneous time, spectral, and historical spectrogram displays (SVT and SVT File).

This gives users the ability to pinpoint and isolate signals out of cluttered RF environments through its extensive frequency-selective modulation-domain analysis tools. Not only that, but users can also recreate entire RF environments using Signal WorkShop™ waveform creation (VSS) and waveform playback (VSP) interfaces, including multi-carrier / multi-standard scenarios, utilizing its built-in resampling engine.
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