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P/N 01-1205-00

The T1205A is designed to allow the testing of ARINC 709 DME, 710 ILS, 711 VOR, 712 ADF, 716 VHF, 718 ATC and 719 HF control heads. Interface cables and overlays that are available for use on the T1205A are listed in the product brochure.

P/N 01-344-00

The T1206 is designed to allow testing of ARINC 741 Satcom System SDU, RFU and HPA Line Replacement Units.

T1206 LRU Interface Cables:

T1206-01 P/N 55-1206-01 Satellite Data Unit Interface
T1206-02 P/N 55-1206-02 Radio Frequency Unit Interface
T1206-03 P/N 55-1206-03 High Power Amplifier Interface
T1206-18 P/N 55-9037-00 RFU-900 Test Cable (8 in.)

429E, 429EX, 429EB, 429EBP, 429EXR

The 429 Hand Held Transmitter/Receiver and Data Bus Analyzer provides avionics technicians and line maintenance personnel with an easy method for troubleshooting ARINC 429 labels and has the capability to selectively trap labels three separate ways. Select units have non-volatile memory and features user selectable ARINC Air Transport Equipment Identifier Codes. Transmitted and received data can be viewed in either hexadecimal or easy-to-understand engineering format.

The unit is housed in a rugged, compact case with internal, rechargeable Ni Cad batteries. It comes with either a 115V or 220V plug-in battery charger.

The DATATRAC 200's advanced features will handle all troubleshooting needs with a unit that conveniently supports two avionics data bus standards, ARINC 429 and CSDB (Commercial Standard Digital Bus). Basic receive and transmit capabilities are extensive. The DT200 has the ability to manage multiple data words, clearly display subfields, and manipulate data with such features as freeze, scroll and clear.

The DATATRAC 350H is a portable, battery operated, handheld bus analyzer supporting all versions of the Honeywell/GAMA ASCB Bus. The DT350H is programmed with the data defined in the ASCB-A, B, and C applications specifications allowing the unit to display receive and transmit data in their scaled units. The scaling database can be reprogrammed with modified or custom data by the user via an RS-232 port and PCMGR-300. This is an optional PC based program that allows up to 128 setups to be stored in the DT350H's FLASH ROM. In addition, the user may program up to five setups into RAM through the front panel keypad. Both types of setup tables support all features of the DT350H (receive, record, break, and transmit).

The DATATRAC 400 clearly establishes the standard for data bus equipment. Never have so many powerful tools and features been assembled for supporting digital avionics. Data may be read from up to four buses and displayed in every conceivable format, including graphic plots. Using the DT400's many diagnostic functions adopted from the most sophisticated logic analyzer systems, it is now much easier to isolate troublesome intermittents. A suspect LRU can be monitored for hours with a breakpoint condition programmed to capture and display fault information

The DATATRAC 400H is a handheld data bus analyzer providing powerful capabilities in a lightweight, durable analyzer you can pack in a briefcase or carry to the flight line. This miniaturized version of the DATATRAC 400 provides the same mature, field-proven features including breakpoint troubleshooting mode, 16-label recorder, 128-label transmitter, RS-232C port, D/A conversion, Williamsburg protocol analyzer, and much more. The LCD display is backlit for easy viewing anywhere, and batteries permit over six hours of operation between recharges.

The DATATRAC 600 is a combination ARINC 429/629 data bus analyzer with dual, independent ports for each bus standard. Nearly identical functions are provided for each bus type.

The PC429-X is an ISA PC bus compatible ARINC 429 Transmitter/Receiver card that requires minimal support once set up. The card requires an 8-bit ISA full size slot in the host computer and is mapped into the I/O portion of host address space (switch selectable) for easy system integration. It can be ordered with one to four channel pairs.

The MLS-800 is a microprocessor controlled Ground Station Simulator designed to operate from a bench test environment. Test parameters are selected via a 44-position keyboard and displayed on test operational menus.

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