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The GPS-101 Global Positioning Simulator provides accurate and repeatable testing of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Receivers.

Aeroflex's truly portable GPS and Galileo positional simulator, the GPSG-1000, is easy to use, configurable and inexpensive.  It fills a gap in the market by providing a low-cost 6 or 12 channel test set that creates three-dimensional simulations. This new simulator is also designed to be software upgradable.

Aeroflex's ALT-8000 is the world's first RF-based portable radio altimeter flightline test set. It only weighs about 10 lbs (4.5 kg) with a large 12-inch color touch screen making it easy to use. The ALT-8000 is a universal test set for 4.3 GHz FMCW (frequency modulated continuous carrier wave) radio altimeters and pulse radio altimeters. The simulator is also designed to be software upgradable.

The IRIS 2000 is a modular general purpose Automated Test Equipment (ATE) station, capable of testing a wide variety of avionics Line Replaceable Units (LRU's). Aeroflex continually monitors the state of the art in ATE systems and incorporates the latest enhancements, such as our ATE Management System & THOR Test Executive, to ensure a modern system with a long useful operational life.

The IRS 1200 is an inertial reference test system used to test Honeywell Air Data Inertial Reference Units (ADIRU) and Inertial Reference Units (IRU) of air transport, commuter and business aircraft, as well as cockpit control panels and system display units.

The RF Expansion Module (RFEM) is designed to support testing of airborne RF components on the ATEC® Series 6 ATE. Developed and manufactured by Aeroflex Test Solutions in partnership with Cassidian, the RFEM provides a convenient platform that is completely compatible with new and existing ATEC® Series 6 ATE systems.

Aeroflex specializes in broadband RF signal analysis/recording and generation. These systems have been used for design, validation, debug, and field testing over a wide range of applications, including:

The CS9000 and low-cost BSAs monitor, record, and analyze RF signals and signal environments. The RF signal is down converted to baseband and digitized into very deep RAM of up to 32 GB. The data in RAM can be stored to disk or RAID for later analysis or playback with an Aeroflex BroadBand Signal Generator.

The Aeroflex Broadband Signal and Environment Generator (BSG) family provides wide bandwidth and deep memory RF signals. The Broadband Signal Generator combines a deep memory, high-speed arbitrary waveform generator, and a broadband RF up converter with powerful signal generation software.

Powerful software to analyze the most demanding broadband signals with digital speed and precision. Advanced software features and DSP-based analysis modules provide the latest tools to measure and characterize signals captured in BSA hardware or loaded from stored signal files.

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