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Wide range covering wireless applications from HF, VHF, all the way to an industry first of 2.7 GHz. The most advanced Radio Test Sets currently used in engineering, production, support and service applications world-wide. Dedicated to increasing your productivity and lowering the cost of test, we develop, manufacture and sell products that will protect your test investment with upgradeable software modules to meet the latest protocol standards.

Aeroflex provides the complete solution for TETRA design, manufacture, installation and service applications to test the demanding radio standard set by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

2050T Digital & Vector Signal Generator for TETRA

A new standard in low adjacent channel power for TETRA modulation.

  • <-70 dBc Adjacent Channel Power
  • TETRA modulation
  • Excellent vector accuracy
  • Rayleigh & Rician fading
  • Burst control
  • Internal PRBS data source
  • Baseband IQ outputs
  • IQ vector modulation

If a company or organization decides for a Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) system, its communication needs are usually deemed very important. Quality is important and can only be verified with measurements at frequent intervals.

2310 TETRA Signal Analyzer

Setting new standards in TETRA transmitter analysis where speed and accuracy counts.

  • Accurate TETRA transmitter measurements
  • Test TETRA base stations, terminals and direct mode radios
  • All measurements made in accordance with ETSI EN 300 394-1
  • Spectral displays of TETRA signals
  • 80 dB instantaneous dynamic range for Adjacent Channel Power (ACP)
  • Modulation analysis, with vector and constellation diagrams
  • Large colour LCD display
  • 40 W continuous power handling

To meet the demanding requirements for wide bandwidth modulation systems such as 802.11a, WiMAX, LTE or multicarrier UMTS, all 3410 Series Digital RF Signal Generator's now have enhanced EVM performance. This improvement complements the already outstanding linearity, agility and repeatability ensuring the 3410 Series continues to provide excellent all-round levels of performance for all your test requirements.

The latest software upgrade for the 3920 Digital Radio Test Set extends the versatility of the instrument for new digital PMR technologies. With the release of software version the 3920 now adds many new features to the already extensive list of test features supported by the world’s most versatile radio test set. Highlights of major new capabilities include:

3920 Radio Test Set Scripts

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Software V Date Option  
Motorola ASTRO® 25 V 3.5.3 January 18, 2012 Option 600 Release Notes
Motorola ASTRO® V 3.0.6 January 13, 2012 Option 601 Release Notes
TIA-603 LMR V 1.8.2 December 6, 2011 Option 603 Release Notes
Motorola APX™ V 2.2.1 December 6, 2011 Option 604 Release Notes
EF Johnson 5100/5300 V 1.8.2 December 6, 2011 Option 606 Release Notes
BK Relm DPHx V 1.8.2 December 6, 2011 Option 607 Release Notes

The TETRA Quality of Service is of major concern for network operators and user groups in the public safety and security sector. Aeroflex's 8140 TETRA AirAnalyzer now helps to discover dead spots and handover problems. It monitors the radio communication and offers users comprehensive post-processing capabilities.

A new, cost-effective RF testing tool for the RF professional who demands more from a communications service monitor. The 2944B Communications Service Monitor is the lightest, most rugged service monitor available with a full performance spectrum analyzer as standard.

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