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The Aeroflex TM500 LTE Multi-UE is used for functional test and performance measurement of LTE base stations (eNode-B) and network infrastructure. The LTE Multi-UE replicates a number of programmable and fully configurable UEs yet retains a single point of control. Each UE still provides 3GPP LTE functionality with its own independent software stack to ensure that it is representative of an LTE handset

The TM500 offers full support for the latest Release 9 DC-HSDPA enhancements. This enables users to configure downlink data services across two 5 MHz cells with MIMO and 64-QAM enabled at rates up to 84 Mbps, whilst operating HSUPA services simultaneously on one cell at maximum rate in the uplink. DC-HSUPA will be available as a future product option.

  • HSPA test mobile compliant with the latest Rel-9 3GPP specification
  • Data rates up to 84Mbps on the downlink
  • Functional NodeB load tester reproduces up to 32 UEs in one unit
  • Repeatable and deterministic control of each UE from a single user interface
  • Scheduler performance testing and optimization
  • Comprehensive Layer 1 / MAC measurements and statistics
  • Product options available for earlier 3GPP releases (Rel-7 HSPA+, Rel-8 DC-HSDPA)
  • Roadmap for future enhancements as specifications evolve

TM500 HSPA Product Options

The TM500 HSPA product includes a range of product options covering different 3GPP releases and levels of functionality that enables you to expand the product as your testing needs evolve.

TM500-C TM500 Platform C Hardware
Single-UE options:
TX512-C HSPA+ L1/2 S-UE
TX514-C Rel-9 DC-HSDPA L1/L2
TX515-C Rel-9 DC-HSUPA L1/L2
Single-UE Higher Layers options
TX525-C HSPA+ Higher Layers S/W
TX526-C DC-HSDPA H-Layers S/W
TX527-C Rel-9 H-Layers S/W
Multi-UE options:
TX555-C HSPA+ L1/2 Multi-UE 32 UEs
TX557-C DC-HSDPA Multi-UE 32 UEs
TX558-C Rel-9 DC-HSDPA Multi-UE 32 UEs
TX559-C Rel-9 DC-HSUPA Multi-UE 32 UEs

See the TM500 HSPA Data Sheet for more information.

Aeroflex provides measurement systems to survey RF fields and investigate the characteristics of RF channels used in mobile and PMR communication systems. Our equipment has been designed to meet all of the RF surveying needs of a mobile operator, from initial CW surveys through prediction model calibration to detailed problem investigation and network optimization. The Aeroflex series of receivers are designed to measure the following properties of an RF field.

Aeroflex's 8300 Griffin Fast Measurement Receiver is the ideal instrument for quickly and accurately performing a wide range of measurement functions in the RF channel. Using the latest RF and logic technologies, the Aeroflex 8300 is the most effective measuring receiver available for planning and optimizing cellular networks.

Aeroflex's 6113 Digital Radio Test Set provides a wide range of test and measurement functions to enable fast manual or automatic testing of GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs). Applications include installation and commissioning, routine maintenance, fault finding and final unit production testing.

  • Enables a 3GPP Band I device to operate in 3GPP Bands 1 to 6
  • Performs RF translation between the Band 1 UE and Bands 1 to 6 Infrastructure
  • Connects directly at RF
  • Electrical control interface allows automated selection of frequency bands
  • Simple configuration with no software required
  • Permits a TM500 or TM100 to operate in any of 3GPP Rel. 6 frequency bands

The TX 501 is simple to configure via direct RF connections to the mobile and infrastructure devices. Frequency band translation is selected via a control switch and external signal generators (available separately) such as the Aeroflex 2023A, 2023B or 2025.

The 2201 ProLock is small, easy to use and affordable to large mobile phone retailers with a repair shop in the back office. The ProLock supports both GSM and WCDMA phones and wireless devices. Many mobile phones today include WCDMA functionality; manufacturers now demand WCDMA testing in case of warranty claims from repair shops. ProLock fills the gap between the cheap GSM-only testers and sophisticated 3G test sets!

The Aeroflex 4202S tests the latest range of GSM triple-band and optionally also quadruple (i.e. incl. GSM 850) mobile phones, including EDGE-capable mobiles (only tuning), and the multiple language user interface is available in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese. The Automated Test feature checks a wide variety of functions and issues a final pass/fail result immediately.

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